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for the sacramento kings to stay in sacramento and they are getting serious about trying to buy the team. >>> plus, what the teenage driver said happened right before the car went into the water, stay tuned for more. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . >>> welcome back, a man a teenager and dog escaped after a car went off the car. the accelerator stuck and plowed through a wooden fence and into the water. the boy, the father and the dog were allable to get to safety and the vehicle was pulled from the water before it leaked fuel. >>> firefighters s
of gun violence in sacramento. hancock, chair woman in the safety committee is holding a joint hearing with the senate and assembly at 9:00 this morning. among those scheduled to testify representatives was law enforce gun ownership rights organization. experts will demonstrate which fire arms are legal and illegal under california law. >> traffic and weather ticket next on the abc 7 morning newings. taking you for a live look outside . showing the bay and bay bridge in high definition. mike will tell us more about the changing temperatures coming up sue hall is monitoring the traffic. >> and a new arrest in a deadly night club fire in brazil. brazil. the latest person that) 3 days g to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more inform
. that is what we are focused on. off sacramento by two points. have a great day. may --lags america in six flags in america in lost a bet. they will exchange customary .ood baskets the telephone about it would contain up a valley wine, and chocolates. we have learned of a second bet senator barbara mikulski and ben cardin and senator barbaraboxer than -- and dianne feinstein. >> we look forward to receiving that wine. abc 74re to stay with full count ridge of the super bowl. newave several crews in orleans. >> look for live reports the next here is your chance to appear on by recording a greeting for "good morning washington." >> a video, 10-15 seconds. or you can send a link to a youtube clip. these are the videos we show every morning. just make sure you end it i , good morning, washington. thatam caskey always has good morning cheer. >> the more energy, the better. have the kids saying good morning washington! we do have one sprinkle to talk .bout you and not much moisture associated one littleas early this morning. rising temperatures today. already this morning, a big temperature r
. >> the sacramento diocese that oversees the high school said it welcomes the police investigation, and will fully cooperate, they say they are offering counciling to all six boys they say were victimized and to the boy's family. no word on how long the police investigation will take. reporting live in vallejo. joed, thank you, new details tonight in the gunman hoax that shut down three school campuses in sunny vale last friday, the district attorney's office is being asked to file criminal charges, against a man who made up a story saying that he saw a gunman on campus. it was a fabrication. the schools were all locked down for hours. sunnyvale officers were called in early and kept in overtime, in addition to requesting help from neighboring police agencies. the police chief does not want to tell how much the hoax cost because he does not want to discourage others from reporting incidents. >> a few quirky fixtures meant to brighten spirits may be removed. dozens of paint today gnomes have been showing up, and they are worried that the screws for the gnomes could hurt the integrity of the poles.
. >>> in sacramento, claf law make -- california lawmakers are backing the new proposals. >> it is healthy. a statement the federal government is acting, creating a math way for citizen ship. >> i think the election, the last election we had and the surge of latino voters and the surge of immigrant voters in general sent a clear message to washington that this has to be an issue that needs to be addressed. >> president obama is scheduled to travel to nevada to unveil his plan that will be similar to the proposal. >>> residents will get first lo school could change shape. they are frug not providing adequate facilities. >>> new orleans is the place to be tonight for san francisco 49er fans. [ music playing ] >> fans are starting to arrive and we talked to a street performer who is a san francisco native. he just happened to bump into 49ers coach jim harbaugh. >> bam! oh, come here now. [ laughter ] >> and let me get your signature. >> and he did get the signature. the 49ers arrived last night. the ravens arrived today. >>> barbara boxer and dianne feinstein accepted a wager. if the ravens w
place to take an afternoon stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located at got and sacramento street in the middle of pacific heights on top of the city's steep rolling hills, lafayette park offers a great place, peaceful beauty. comfortably spaced tables and benches, a playground, rest rooms and tips at the end of the park. plenty of flat areas for football, frisbee, and picnic. lafayette is very much a couples park. this wonderful hilltop park is the place you can share with someone you cherish. lafayette park is located along the round at the one end campus and also easy
puntos 7 segundos en el cronometro el globito aparecia y sacramento terminaba 96 por 94 >> por elmedio y anotacion de adam pase para jarrison y canasta e clavo lo puso tomspn triple baltimore gana >> david beckham llego a un acuerdo y luis suarez para el otro equipo >> veamos el clima >> gracias buenas noches descienden las temperaturas nublado para la línea costera por ese frío las condiciones frías con nublados. las temperaturas en 43 grados para san francisco oakland 42 en el interior más frío en especial en los valles, por staron, modesto, 36, 35, 37 >> mañana el sol brilla más, las temperaturas en 47 grados pero en el pronóstico hay posibilidades de lluvias, este es el panorama el sábado un frente regresa a la región la temperatura sube a los 72 grados fin de semana llega otro sistema que podría traer lluvias san josé con temperaturas hasta los 67 grados, hay posibilidades de lluvias buenas noches regresamos < una nueva sepa con mas de 140 brotes, recomiendanlavarse las manos, desinfectar superficies y evitar el contacto con otros mientras esta enfermo, se puede transmit
in sacramento and reached ow to bars throughout the state of california to achieve an unprecedented level of success for a predatory lending effort and we would not have been able do that without the corporation of elected throughout the state and community leaders as well and we are hopeful that this will be a template for what wedo in this case and that we get a similar level of success to make sure had a money goes back to the people who are victim iressed and that they get the restitution that they deserve and i would like to introduce michael papist from the enter face-to-face 98 counsel because he was a big part in making sure we got our effort out to the 98 community and to make sure that borrowers who were vimsed got the restitution they deserved and we are happy he is cooperating in our effort for the next 90 days. >> p oop pennsylvania a s.-the san francisco enter fate counsel is absolutely indebted if you will forgive the pun to his city treasure her heira in this suspicious when this program started. we believe that the victims of predatory lending are sill the in in our pe
. upper 50s from sacramento to phoenix. >>> and when we come back this morning, google maps. where it's never gone before. >>> plus, a major retailer's about-face. good news for bargain-hunters. >>> and barbara's health battle. a surprising diagnosis for our friend and colleague, barbara walters. >>> welcome back, everybody. another major union sees clear skies for an american airlines merger. the transport workers union has agreed to terms if the bankrupt carrier merges with u.s. airways, giving its 21,000 ground workers an immediate race if there's a deal. pilots and flight attendants are already onboard. and a decision on the merger is expected in the next few weeks. >>> a gott agency says the treasury department was too generous. it approved all 18 requests for raises for executives at bailed-out companies like general motors and aig. 14 of those raises were for $100,000 to $2 million. the treasury department says it had to allow the raises for the companies to stay competitive. >>> sales are coming back to jcpenney stores. the company had stopped sales. but buyers didn't buy it a
jurisdictions, sacramento county and the city of berkeley. i enjoy my public service and he will entrust me with another term i promise to remain committed and expand my service to the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much. any questions? >> this is a question that i ask of all of the applicants, particularly for property where four units or less, and its residential. sometimes i get e-mails from homeowners that are getting the property reappraised and how it would be frustrating as far as the length of time to hear back in the financial hardship they may endure during the time period. >> many members of the public come to the hearing process. they are either unprepared, or don't know what to bring to the hearing process. we use it as an opportunity to educate the public even when i'm a rule against them i try to give them an explanation about why i have reached that conclusion and what they might do to obtain assistance. i know the last hearing there was a woman who spoke chinese. and she brought a flyer. it was written in chinese. she really needed assistance. i was able
's father, he tells me the girl and family are all from sacramento. they were just here in town in oakland visiting relatives. he told me his daughter is ready to go home. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. >>> meanwhile, oakland police are investigating a robbery that left a sandwich shop employee injured. it happened last night around 7:00 at the subway on san pablo avenue. three suspects became angry when they could not get money out of the safe and pistol- whipped the employee. they also shot him in the hand. he's expected to recover. >>> police in pittsburg are searching for a suspect at a gas station this morning. it happened at 9:00 a.m. at the 76 gas station on rail road avenue. there are reports that the suspect was spotted five miles away in a bay point neighborhood. officers were scene near marin and hill street. >>> a lewd hazing incident at a catholic high school in vallejo has become a much languager investigation. vallejo police say they -- larger investigation. vallejo police say they will look into older players. five older players were expelled after t
sacramento and rantly despite effort by nancy plowscy we see cuts in federal fundings and in the middle of last year themary the mayor submitted and the board passed a supplement plan to provide immediate cuts to hiv services in the san francisco and during the budget process last year, the mayor budget's approved the entire $7 million in federal cuts for the current fiscal year. we anticipate that there may be 4 million-dollar or more in federal cuts. that have not been back-billed in the fiscal year starting july 1st and so we want to hold a hearing to know exactly what the anticipated cuts are, what the impact of those cuts would be and what we are and can be doing locally and our city budget to backfill those cuts. so i look forward to this important conversation and to continuing san francisco's historic commit to living with hiv and those living with the diseases. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor wiener? supervisor avalos. >> thank you madame clerk just a couple of items for introduction is a memoryium for daniel colon. you might know about, he was shot and k
-94 de los kings sobre los wizards. sacramento cortÓ una racha de cuatro derrotas en fila. emeka okafor consiguiÓ por los wizards su mejor producciÓn de la temporada con 23 puntos y atrapÓ 15 rebotes, mientras john wall agregÓ 19 unidades y seis asistencias. el brasileÑo nene hilario anotÓ cuatro puntos, capturo Ó siete tableros y entrego dos asistencias en casi 30 minutos y medio. la copa de naciones de la uncaf ya es historia con el titulo de costa rica. pero se viene la primera fecha del exagonal de concacaf camino al mundial de brasil 2014, y ayer luis fernando suarez tecnico de la seleccion de honduras dio a conocer la lista de jugadores que enfrentaran a su similar de estados unidos y en es lista esta andy nadar, jugador del dc united quien es uno de los nombres que los aficionados mas ha pedido al entrenador colombiano y ayer los ha complacido. najar se encuentra en estos momentos con el anderlecht de belgica con quien ficho por un mes. en mexico se conocio una noticia no muy agradable. y es que ricardo antonio la volpe dejarÁ la direcciÓn tÉcnica del atlante por motivo
‘iÑi during an informational meeting today in sacramento. the chairman of the senate!d public safetyÑi committee isÑi holding a skwroepbt -- joint hearing with theÑi senate and ays5bly at 9:00 this morning. among those scheduled toÑi testify are representatives of law enforcement and gun ownership rights organizations. expertsÑiÑi will demonstrate whichÑ$t)áqprms are legal andÑizgát÷al under ke÷yñ after today it might get tougher to smokeÑi in sanÑi francisco. supervisorsçó are likely toÑi give final approval to a measure banning smoking at outdoor festivals and parade. the new lawÑi won't require policeÑi to look for violators but promoters will have toÑiÑi make announcements. willÑi be firstÑi large u.s.((%i whether landlords mustÑiÑi letç potential renters know if smoking is allowedÑi in theirÑii building. >> santa clara county chargesok against añr manÑi accused much starting a massive fire. it burned 4,300çóa#res and destroyed 63Ñi homes.w3 officials say he startedÑi the blaze
and so wish key be with you today but i'm attending to my legislative duties in sacramento. council, i thank you for your interest in criminal justice and all your energies and efforts on its behalf. we know this is an issue that is of great importance to the state of california and to the nation. of course we have the opportunity to yet again lead the way here in california. we're offering a bill this year, s.b.-1506 which would redefine the crime of simple possession of a drug from felony to misdemeanor. there are 13 other states, and the federal government which already do this and in the 13 other states, we have the data that shows that we get better results, better outcomes, meaning safer communities, and surprisingly the states include not only the large eastern states of pennsylvania and new york, but also states like mississippi, south carolina, west virginia, wyoming, iowa, all of which use this mid deem charge rather than felony. and what we find in these 13 other states is that there are higher rates of drug treatment participation, lower rates of drug use, and even slightly
atÑi sacramento, near 60. 59 in san diego because of theÑi morning fog @íd mid 60's around l.a. and palmiÑiÑi spring. let's talk aboutÑi our local travel.ÑiÑi >> prettyÑi good. so far soÑhood. a nice wide shot of 80 as you past the university and intoÑi emeryvill. noÑiÑi delays. here. if you've got time inÑi theÑiÑi sunnyvilles7 area, there isÑi blockage, northboundok 85, the rafrpb toÑiÑiÑi elÑiÑiÑi --e rafrpb toÑiÑiÑi elw3ÑiÑi caminoa stall. there is a]ioçÑi hot dog cart, the hayward, laneÑi numberÑi 2,i c.h.b. will be getting that out ofçó there.ÑiÑi >> president obama isÑi poised to sign a measureçççç bringingÑi $50 billion to super storm sandy victims. the senate approved the emergency relief bill lastÑi night. the house did the same two weeks ago.çóÑi the moneyÑiçko will help residents andÑi?v[ businesses as gove'?.. the devastating october kmy]tÑle andÑi caused30 catastrophicÑi damage. worried about adding to the deficit but in the end the aÑi study finds painkillers such as ad,z& could7s be dangerous for childre
. >>> a multimillionaire says he wants to keep them in sacramento. he met with the mayor kevin johnson and about two dozen local investors. mayor johnson wants to present an arena financing plan and the current owners have agreed to sell the franchise but it has to be approved by the other owners. >>> don't be sunset but the super bowl winner has already been crowned. according to the information the baltimore ravens will win. they ran a simulation on xbox 360 and according to the stimulation, ed read will intercept a pass with 10 seconds left and baltimore will win. they accurately predicted the super bowl, the last 7 of the last 9 super bowls. that is virtually. >> all right, we'll see. >> it is pretty specific there, sal? we hope they are not right. >> they play and you never know. they were patriots. >>> let's look at the commute and traffic is moving along relatively well. i am distracted by a fire and sirens are going on. >>> traffic is moving along nicely approaching the 880 split with no major problems and metering lights have been put on and traffic is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay.
they had won five straight at home, longest since 2008 hosting the sacramento kings at verizon center going for no. 6. one-point game, two minutes to go, great pass nene to john wall. wiz back in front by one. wall finished with 19 points, under 10 ticks to go, wiz down two. inbounds to martell webster hangs and bangs, ties the game 94-94 with 7.9 seconds to play. wiz need a stop, but isiah thomas runs right through the stop sign, drains the winning bucket with a second to spare. the wizards fall to the kings 96-94 to snap a five-game home winning streak. credit the 5' 9 point guard isiah thomas who posted 22 on the wizards. >> i couldn't find anybody that could guard him tonight and that was disappointing in terms of taking a challenge. he got anywhere he wanted tonight, right, left, and kid made a play at the end. >>> coming up tiger woods not at his best, but he didn't need to be to bring home another victory in torrey pines. i got it when we could downloadd an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet, you get it -- the difference 100% fiber
suddenly like they can hang with anyone. he turned the ball over 20 against sacramento on monday. that allowed the kings to stick with oned steal a win second to go. score, a 96-94.eaking miami heat took some time off for ahe basketball court visit to the white house. president obama helps them visit their 2012 nba championship. the final survey -- the heat of the finals in 2011, only to come >> when you fall the real test is whether you can ignore the naysayers and come back strongly. that is true in basketball, but also in life. we are in the white house right now. this is like -- hey. i made it. [laughter] >> king james taking in the moment there. they also gave a jersey to the president with the number 44. >> i wonder if you will ever that. heat upnk he had the to the white house before. to spend expected billions of dollars getting ready for the super bowl. --if you're looking to his save some cash, we have some tips. according to a survey, will spend nearly billion dollars on the .uper bowl $.54 pere of $68 and .erson it will spend money on snacks , and according to one par
in sacramento and that land is worth $10 per share and will start getting more liquid over time. the combination of good fundamentals plus this acreage that has been there forever. cheryl: when he buys these, he's looking at long-term growth. this next one is an oh, baby, type of stock. they make strollers. i was into mclaren. what is it about this company you say this is it? >> this is a minneapolis-st. paul company. ahad a conference call today. they basically the painters use instead of using a brush, they use a spray. this is not a newcomer. great cash flow. a terrific job of allocating cash. they can earn as much as four to $5 over the next four years out. march up steadily and a windfall of money that the government because one asset they can keep. cheryl: it is not the baby stroller company? >> they have baby strollers, but this is a different company. cheryl: it does the spray painting. >> and lubrication on equipment, that is what contractors want. you got the name right. i was on a conference call. that is why the stock is up reported better-than-expected earnings. but you can make 50%
of the last nine super bowls. >>> a bay area multi- millionaire wants to buy the sacramento kings and keep them in sacramento. 24-hour fitness change founder maestrop met with mayor kevin johnson and about two dozen local investors. mayor johnson wants to present a team of investors at an arena financing plan in april. the kings' current owners have reached and agreement to to sell to a seattle group. but that still needs to be approved by the other nba team owners. >>> a tightrope walker known for his daredevil stunts has made headlines. this. time, over a freeway -- this time, over a freeway. and why thises with more dangerous -- and why this is more drugs. is-- more dangerous. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv f
of a big meeting in sacramento today. . >>> well, good morning to you, this is january 29th, already tuesday, pam >> i think so. time now is 5:30, well, let's talk about the weekend then, is it going to rain? how is the weather? >> in here? >> yes, here, more about here. >> no, maybe next week this time. we do have a lot of high clouds over us. that is an honest question, pam, thank you. >>> just a lot of high clouds, breezy conditions half-moon bay, 36 miles per hour out of the north, here is sal. >>> traffic on 237, and crossing 880 traffic is moving nicely and also traffic is moving well on 880 southbound. let's go back to the desk. >>> an 8-year-old girl has become the latest victim in the growing street violence. they will be talking about the city's crime violence and i know you are in oakland now, what do you know? >> reporter: well we know later today, the police chief will talk about a shooting which left two of his officers wounded and we will be talking about a shooting which left an 8-year-old girl wounded as well and she will survive and is actually expected to be releas
night was a game that you kind of thought they should win. sacramento was in town. a great ending to this one. great pass here. to john wall and wizards back up by one. wall with 19. webster hangs, gets it. we are all tied up at 94. 7.9 seconds to play. you remember isaiah thomas? >> i remember him. that is the new isaiah thomas. he ends the game with that game winner right there. woodward played better ball. i'm still happy with that. >> another midwest connection to sarah. close to detroit. >> we have a theme going today. >> that right there is something there is no way wisdom or i could do. tiger woods, a ridiculous bunker shot. when you wonder about the greatness of tiger, he didn't have his best stuff going until the end. he didn't need it. he was so far in front. >> there is that red. >> he is going to wear red. he just hay black sweatshirt over top of t tiger does get that win at torrey pines. i think he is signaling to the rest of the tour that he is back. finish at 14 under, his seventh win at that event. how many times has he won on tour? >> i don't know. a lot? 75 in. >
. meanwhile, the sacramento diocese, which oversees this school says they welcome the police investigation and plan to fully cooperate. they also say they are offering counseling to all six of the victims and their families. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. >>> the drivers who turned an east bay freeway into a sideshow venue in the middle of the day. a look at the evidence left behind. you can see tire marks after several drivers decided to begin doing burnouts on northbound 880 near the coliseum. this not happening for several minutes cars spun and circled blocking all lanes of northbound 880 while other spectators just recorded the chaos on their phone. the video ultimate ly surfaced n youtube. chp investigators say the act was so brazen and dangerous that the community has a responsibility to let anyone know it cannot happen again. >> the airport, hospital, people need to get to places, both way of the freeway blocked. it's extremely important people don't think it's fun, that it's not funny. you have a lot of people who have affected
about 60 degrees in sacramento. 55 degrees in fresno. 43 degrees sunny in lake tahoe and 63 degrees in redding. around the bear today sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the south bay. cooler 50s toward the coastline with a breeze. 50s and low 60s well inland 60 in the napa valley, dry and sunny in santa rosa. 57 degrees in san francisco. midweek temperatures moving up into the mid-60s. then over the weekend clouds start to roll in. looks like cooler temperature on saturday and sunday. the next few days spectacular. >> wednesday and friday spectacular. >>> it is 5719. coming up the warriors big man making his return to the court. >>> i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 news headlines. live in new orleans all morning long as football fans start trickling into the crescent city ahead super bowl xlvii, coming up we'll tell you who a big name celebrity from new orleans is rooting for. center andrew bogut on the floor ... they lost steph curry, at least for the rest of the game. curry twisted his right ankle when he stepped on a raptors' foo
-def doppler always scanning. see that little green thing at the top of your screen through sacramento? that's the radar beam. it always sends out a signal. the question is what is it receiving back? in this case it is receiving nothing back because there's no rain anywhere close to the bay area. high pressure is off to the west. we can tell this because the rule of nature is northern hemisphere where we live winds always flow clockwise around high pressure so watch the clouds going up toward canada and alaska and then coming back down. right now we are on the eastern fringe of the high that kept you cloudy with high, thin cirrus cloud cover at times today. tomorrow though the high pressure dome begins to move toward us so i expect full sunshine throughout the bay area tomorrow. but it will still be chilly. still on the eastern half of the high. and that means we are still getting our influence coming down from the north. so you have sunshine but highs generally in the mid- to upper 50s. by wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday, high pressure i
. 20s from billings to fargo. upper 50s from sacramento to phoenix. >>> and rob, even you can enjoy this way of getting down the slopes. that's why this is our favorite story of the day. >> it's called skouching, as in skiing on a couch. you nail skis to a couch, go to the top of a hill and let gravity do its thing and take the ride down. if you don't understand the rose bud reference, here's a hit. citizen cane. >> they say there aren't many rules, just be safe and have fun. my question is, how do these things just start up? who decides i'm going to attach some skis to a lounger and go skiing. >> one word -- alcohol. i would much rather have taken the couch down than falling the way i fell out there in beautiful park city, utah. great town, but i took some tumbles out there. i'll take the lazy boy any day of the week, with my chicken wings. >>> coming up next, the advertisers gaining an advantage before the super bowl. >> and sexy sports cars racing along a busy airport runway. get the story behind this revved up stunt. you're watching "world news now." >>> "world news now" weather
of grange bar and restaurant in downtown sacramento, lemons are oh, so much more. >> it's one of those staples. it's one of those foundations of a decent bar is they use a lot of lemons. even--you'll see, you know, you're making limoncello or some kind of infusion in the back. you'll use just the rind, or you're making a syrup with it. but then, you have the lemon leftovers. you can juice it so you get 2 uses out of it. >> they are the main ingredient for several of his specialty drinks on the menu, including a pink lemon margarita. but he's not alone in adding a little zest to his menu. over at rick's dessert diner in sacramento, you know right away this place is special. from the funky exterior to the gigantic cakes that greet u when you walk in, this place is a hit. >> well, we come about once a week, and it's just the freshest desserts. everything is so good here. we moved to sacramento about 2 years ago, and we saw the bright pink building, and we're like, "ok, we have to check that out." and since then, i've been completely hooked. like, have to come and get my fix. [laughs] >> w
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